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产品摘要:YE5系列超高效三相异步电动机具有性能优良、高效、节能,温升裕度大,寿命长,性能好,振动 小,启动性能优良,外形美观,可靠性能高的优点。常用于驱动水泵、风机、压缩机、传送机和其他传动 机械被应用在节能环保改造、国家水利等项目。



YE5 series Ultra-high efficiency three-phase asynchronous motor

YE5系列超高效三相异步电动机是我公司自主研发的超高效节能三相异步电动机,冷却方式为:IC411,电机性能满足 GB/T 755《旋转电动机定额和性能》,效率值符合GB 18613-2020中1级能效标准,并与国际标准IEC 60034-30《单速三相笼型感应电动机能效分级》中的IE5一致。本系列产品能够完全取代丫、YGM、 YGM2、YE2、YE3、YE4系列低压三相异步电动机。

YE5系列超高效三相异步电动机具有性能优良、高效、节能,温升裕度大,寿命长,性能好,振动 小,启动性能优良,外形美观,可靠性能高的优点。常用于驱动水泵、风机、压缩机、传送机和其他传动 机械被应用在节能环保改造、国家水利等项目。

This series of motors are Ultra-high efficiency and energy saving three-phase asynchronous motors independently developed by our company. Cooling method is IC411, meeting GB/T 755 "Rotating Electrical Machines- Ratings and Performance" and JB/T13299-2017 "Specification for YE5 series (IP55) High Efficiency Three-phase Induction Motor (Frame size 63-355)". Its efficiency value complies with the level 1 energy efficiency standard in GB 18613-2012 and is consistent with the IE4 in the international standard IEC 60034-30 "Energy Efficiency Class of Single-speed Three-phase Cage Induction Motors". This series of products can completely replace the obsolete products of low-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors,like Y, YGM, YGM2, YE2, YE3, YE4 series .

This series of motors have the advantages of excellent performance, high efficiency, energy saving, large temperature rise margin, long life,low vibration, excellent starting performance, nice appearance and high reliability, which are commonly used to drive water pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors and other transmission machinery in energy conservation and environmental protection transformation projects, national water conservancy projects,etc.