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产品摘要:YVFE4系列高效变频调速三相异步电动机与变频装置构成的调速系统,与其他调速方式相比:节能效果 显著,调速性能好,调速范围广,具有噪声低、振动小、可与国内外各种变频器配套的特点。常用于风机 类、泵类、压缩机类及供暖设备等负载。



YVFE4 Series High-efficiency Variable-frequency Speed-regulating Three-phase Asynchronous Motor

YVFE4系列高效率变频调速三相异步电动机是在YE4系列电机基础上派生的变频调速三相异步电动机符合GB/T 755《旋转电动机定额和性能》。冷却方式为:9416,其效率值符合63/7 32891.2-2019《旋转 电机效率分级(IE代码)第2部分:变速交流电动机》中的IE4一致。本系列产品能够完全取代YJTG、YVF2, YVFE2、YVFE3系列低压变频调速三相异步电动机。

YVFE4系列高效变频调速三相异步电动机与变频装置构成的调速系统,与其他调速方式相比:节能效果 显著,调速性能好,调速范围广,具有噪声低、振动小、可与国内外各种变频器配套的特点。常用于风机 类、泵类、压缩机类及供暖设备等负载。

YVFE4 series motor is a variable-frequency and speed-regulating three-phase asynchronous motor derived from YE4 series motor, which meets GB/T 755 "Rotating Electrical Machines- Ratings and Performance". The cooling method is Ic416, and the efficiency meets with IE4 in GB/T 32891.2-2019 "Rotary Motor Efficiency Classification (IE Code) Part 2:Variable Speed AC Motor. This series of motors can completely replace YJTG, YVF2, YVFE2, YVFE3 series low-voltage variable frequency speed-regulating three-phase asynchronous motors.

The speed regulating systems connected frequency converter and YVFE3 series high-efficiency variable frequency speed-regulating three-phase asynchronous motor, compared with other speed regulating systems, have the advantages of significant energy saving effect, good speed regulating performance, wide speed range, low noise, low vibration, easily supperted with various inverters at home and abroad, which are commonly used in fans, pumps, compressors and heating equipments.